Established in 2012, ZCA has 40 members, principally active in metals and energy trading. ZCA keeps a strong focus on providing specialist professional training and education, alongside ZCA supports STSA’s efforts to explain the commodity industry to the authorities and the general public. These trainings also include Evening Events, Full-Day and Half-Day Courses. Several events will be organized during the year to provide members and non-members a platform for learning, training and discussions..

ZCA, LCTA and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts regularly organize the „Certificate of Advanced Studies“ course for Commodity Professionals. In 2021 19 students followed this course, which ran over 6 modules of 3 days each. This course is held in Lugano and Zug in alternating years.

ZCA meets regularly with the cantonal administration and politicians in Zug or participate in several public information events and discussions to increase their awareness of the role of the commodity industry and the challenges it is facing. ZCA’s board believes that it is very helpful to participate in such events, because they are opportunities to explain the industry, set the facts straight and thereby contribute to de-mastifying the commodity industry.

For example, ZCA participated in events on Switzerland’s responsibility in international commodity trading or on the human rights and environmental aspect of the industry.

Our Vision

Zug Commodity Association (ZCA) provides a platform to the commodity industry in Zug and the surrounding areas

  • Establishing confidence and addressing outside challenges
  • Fostering education, research and business interests
  • Enhancing and simplifying work coordination amongst its members

The object of the Association is to represent and protect the interests and rights of the Zug (and its surrounding area) based community of companies active in the supply chain of commodities, including but not limited to exploration, production, processing, trading and marketing.

Your Benefits

ZCA members benefit from focused relationships with authorities and with other lobbying groups, and attain relevant information, education and research. Furthermore, ZCA will serve as a platform for social interaction.