‘Systems Theory on Commodities’ (an introduction)


When we look at the 2016 Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum, research shows that 79 percent of these crises are caused by people…

Ask yourself this question: are Global Risks good or bad for trade? These risks or crises not just stand alone or have just one cause, they are systemic crises which are all interrelated and interdependent. Solving these complex crises needs a different view and a fresh approach which looks at networks, relationships and interconnectedness. We have to go beyond the usual mechanistic view on cause and effect which only looks at parts and not at the whole. Systems Thinking or Systems Theory, researches these relationships by using holism, ecology and many other sciences. We will review the impact of human thought and action on trade to understand the butterfly effect, quantum physics, chaos theory and systemic dimensions or laws of nature. You will hear about the impact of interference patterns, how to make use of feedback loops, how to synthesize complex relationships, and understand network resilience, linearity and non-linearity as tools to balance your trade and transport in a profitable and sustainable manner. You don’t need more regulation, rules or constant supervision by governmental organizations or NGO’s as these cost a lot of time & money. Arend will show you how to save resources and ways to achieve what is called;

Emergence or 1+1=3. Winston Churchill said; ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. Arend will show you how crises can be changed into business opportunities.

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