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ZCA Online Event: How to unlock Alternative Capital for small/medium commodity traders – March 24, 2021

Posted by on 16. March 2021 in Events, General News | 0 comments

24. March 2021 – 24. March 2021 Map and Directions | Register Description: The role of technology for creating trust and removing frictions What is holding alternative capital back from entering commodity trade finance What frictions must be overcome to ensure financing for small / medium commodity traders Is there a deeper issue going on, looking at...

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Ernst & Young webcast: The day after the RBI vote – November 30, 2020

Posted by on 16. November 2020 in Events, General News | 0 comments

How will the Responsible Business Initiative change your business? In June 2020, the Swiss Parliament agreed on an indirect counterproposal for the Responsible Business Initiative (RBI). The public vote will take place on 29 November 2020. If the Swiss electorate rejects the RBI, the counterproposal will automatically be adopted. Regardless of the outcome,...

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Tag der Zuger Wirtschaft – November 10, 2020

Posted by on 03. November 2020 in Events, General News | 0 comments

Aufgrund der neuesten Weisungen des Bundes können wir den Tag der Zuger Wirtschaft vom 10. November 2020 leider nicht wie geplant in physischer Form im Theater Casino Zug durchführen. Die Zuger Wirtschaftkammer hat entschieden, das Programm zu straffen und einen Programmteil, die Podiumsdiskussion, online auszustrahlen. Die Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema...

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