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On 23 March 2017, we organized the A to Z Ship agency workshop presented by Wilhelmsen Ships Service. This event was well attended by a large variety of participants. The following topics were covered:

  • Clarifying the role and function of the agent on board the ship as well as discussing the different types of agency services, and which party in the chain requires what service
  • Explain, clarify and discuss who the ship agent’s customer is and the difference between an appointment and a nomination. In addition, highlight what you can expect from the agent you nominate or appoint
  • Describe the information communicated by the agent as well as the documents drafted and issued
  • Discuss and explain financial transactions involved between the principals and the ship agents, as well as which type of insurances are required to cover the activity
  • Provide practical case studies highlighting the importance of having a good and reliable ship agent.


We would like to thank the team from Wilhelmsen Ships Service, especially Mr. Altay Semih for his interesting insights into the business world of ship agency.

We look forward meeting you all at our next events organized by the Zug Commodity Association. All upcoming events are available