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5. April 2022 – 6. April 2022

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This English-language 2-day seminar from the University of Lucerne is designed for expat CFOs and financial executives. The event revolves around Swiss rules and regulations and how they compare to those in the expats’ countries of origin.

Ways in which corporate governance, accounting (Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss GAAP FER), taxes, social security, pension funds, dealing with authorities and more are different in Switzerland.

Everything expats need to know and what the major differences are compared to their home countries.

This 2-day seminar brings newly arrived CFOs and financial executives up to speed and offers excellent networking opportunities between peers.

The key topics discussed include:

  • Taxes
  • Human resources (social security, pension funds, labour law (including timekeeping), etc.
  • Insurance
  • Corporate governance (rules for AGMs, ERCO, etc.)
  • Legal (e.g. the difference between public limited companies in Switzerland and Germany)
  • Accounting standards, Swiss GAAP FER


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