Posted by on 09. October 2023 in General News

We are excited to invite you to our next event “Global Minimum Taxation” on one of the most monumental reforms in finance and tax of our times.

Under an OECD Inclusive Framework, more than 140 countries agreed to enact a two-pillar solution to introduce a global minimum effective tax rate of 15%.

Together with Heinz Tännler, Finance Director of the Canton of Zug, experts from PwC will provide you with cutting-edge insights on the implementation of the new global minimum tax regime, also known as Global Anti-Base Erosion Rules (GloBE Rules) or Pillar Two, and its impact on commodity businesses with operations in Switzerland.

Register for this event and take this unique opportunity to obtain first-hand information from political decision-makers and technical experts on what can be referred as the most substantial global tax reform since decades.

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