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18. January 2017 – 18. January 2017

Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug

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HR professionals have a lot of experience working with employees in all sorts of situations. To foster their role in assisting management, while also being an advo-cate for employees, this workshop will focus on these topics:

Recruiting makes an impact on every company; workshop participants will ob-tain recruiter’s firsthand experience in current trends.

An update on the labor law from a lawyer’s perspective; participants will get the information on the new developments in Swiss immigration law and get the best practice advice.

Building capacity through education and development is essential in forging a stronger employer-employee relationship. Here you will hear about ZCA educa-tional opportunities and initiatives.

Finally, talent management in cost cutting era, benefits as a way of motivating your team and other practical hot topics will be discussed by an experienced front-line HR manager.

This event is targeted to HR representatives of ZCA`s members.

It is offered in cooperation with swisslinx

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