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15. June 2016 – 15. June 2016

Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug IFZ

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From the commodity trading offices in Zug to war zones in Syria and Iraq! Severiyos will explain the situation on the ground and his motivation to support war affected families in the Middle East. He will present his charity organization “ARAMAIC RELIEF International” with its humanitarian aid projects for the vulnerable war victims and shows ways how to support effectively.

For working in high risk areas, personal safety is essential. Not only in the Middle Eastern countries, but also Europe is increasingly confronted by terror threats and criminal acts. Many companies and its employees are traveling to unsafe and dangerous locations. For deployment in medium- to high-risk areas and for working under austere conditions a professional preparation and specific trainings are high- ly recommendable. Together with a former Soldier and anti-terror specialist we have launched specific security workshops and trainings. As introduction partici- pants will be able to learn some useful tips/instructions on how to increase the per- sonal safety in unsafe environments and protect their employees. Furthermore we will provide you more detailed information about our courses/workshops and safe- ty solutions in order to enhance your life-saving skills.

We hope you can join us for the event and for drinks afterwards!

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