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Turkey is one of the most significant so called newly industrialised countries, being among the world’s leading producers of vehicles, gold, machinery, iron, electronics, mineral fuels, agricultural products, textiles and ships.

According to the IMF, Turkish GDP is 17th-largest and 13th-largest GDP by PPP, of which 24% is export-based. Needless to say that Turkey’s multi-faceted
geopolitical position also gives it considerable influence over the European neighbours as well as Russia, the US, and even China.

The speakers will address the following topics:

  • Turkish Foreign Policy & Turkey-Switzerland Relations
    Mr. İlhan Saygılı, Ambassador of Turkey in Bern
  • Turkish Steel Industry as a supplier to Europe
    Mr. Demir Dulger, Chairman of the Board, Acemar
  • Investment Environment and investment incentives in Turkey
    Mr. Ibrahim Uslu, Commercial counsellor to Turkish Embassy in Bern
  • Outlook to the coal and cement industries of Turkey and Middle East
    Mr. Fernando De Martin, Director, Acemar


For more information, please see the following flyer:
ZCA Evening Event – Flyer