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The past 2 years in trade have provided valuable lessons for those in trade finance and the risks assessments that should be taken in as-sessing a borrower/credit risk for both traders and lenders alike. We tap on our extensive experience and recent Singapore caselaw to delve into key practical issues:

  • Double Financing: How to Spot Red Flags
  • Security Enforcement: Understanding BLs & Misdelivery
  • Circular/Sleeve Trades: Impact on Letters of Credit
  • Restructuring or Insolvency: Best Outcomes for Recovery


Baldev BHINDER, Managing Director – Blackstone & Gold

Baldev is dual qualified in Singapore and England with more than 15 years of international experience across the world’s leading global law firms. He was previously at UK Energy specialist law firm, Ashurst LLP and US arbitration heavyweight, White & Case, before he set-up Blackstone & Gold as Singapore’s first energy and commodities law firm. Baldev is a leading expert in O&G and Commodities and advises on all aspects of the supply chain from trading and trade finance arrangements to interna-tional recoveries and arbitration. He is a leading name in trade fraud cases and regularly assist clients with investigations, security enforcement and trade finance structuring.

Tuesday, 17 January 2023, 12h00 noon (CET)

Free of charge