Martin Fasser

Martin Fasser, President, works as Head of Corporate Affairs for a Zug based oil and coal trading company which is active in commodity trading, storage and refinery asset control and the alternative energy market.


Ashwath Mehra

Ashwath Mehra, Vice President, is the CEO of the ASTOR group, an investment and advisory business . He is an economist and received his BSc (Econ) from the London School of Economics. He has worked in the commodity trading and mining business for 30 years and has substantial experience in the industry


Bryce McFerran

Bryce McFerran is a Director of East Metals AG since 2015. He has extensive experience in financial services and commodity trading in New York, London, California and Switzerland. East Metals AG handles approximately one third of the total semi-finished steel products exported annually from Russia.


Yasmina Rauber

Yasmina Rauber, General Secretary, is Managing Director of Swiss Maritime Services AG, active in the Chemical Tanker Brokerage business. She has acquired extensive experience in chartering, international sales, trading and marketing during her career for over twenty years in soft commodity related companies. Yasmina is the President of WISTA Switzerland.



Board Members


Philip Edmonds

Philip Edmonds, Vice President, is the Founding Partner of M7 Metals GmbH, a steel and raw materials company, which was established in 2016 in Zug. Prior to establishing M7 Metals, he worked for the Stemcor Group for 27 years, the last decade of which as Deputy Chariman of the Group.

Steve Hodgson

Steve Hodgson, Board Member, has 30 years of world-wide commodity operations and trading experience. His most recent senior roles have included Managing Director of Rio Tinto’s Diamonds group, President and Chief Executive of Rio Tinto Bauxite and Alumina business and Chief Executive of RUSAL Marketing GmbH, a sales and marketing company formed through the merger between the SUAL group, the RUSAL group and the aluminium assets of Glencore International AG.

Gloria Frauenfelder

Gloria Frauenfelder is CFO Hershey Trading. In this role, she has accountability for financial planning, Cashflow and Tax for the Hershey Trading and leading the procurement finance of the Hershey Trading.

Prior to joining Hershey, Gloria worked for Kraft/Mondelez in their procurement office in Zug, Switzerland for 10+ years. Gloria led the global management and reporting of derivatives/compliance to drive profitable growth and leading strategic planning.

Gloria holds a finance and administration degree and a Chartered Accounting/Controlling (CPA).

Patrick Nützi

Patrick Nützi, Member of the Board of ZCA, is the senior partner of a Zug based law firm specialising in all facets of law relevant for the commodity industry. He headed the legal department of an aluminum trading company and has been serving as a member to the board of various commodity trading companies since 1999.

Wolfram Kuoni

Wolfram Kuoni, MBA INSEAD, is the managing partner of a Zurich based law firm. He holds a PhD on the Swiss Export Risk Insurance. His firm serves industrial and financial companies in the commodity industry. Since 2005 Wolfram has also been serving on the board and as shareholder of various industrial and financial companies active in the commodity industry.

Ruth Sandelowsky

Ruth Sandelowsky has studied Law and worked for Philipp Brothers Amsterdam from 1974 till 1984 as a Trader in Chemicals.

In 1984 she became the head of the European operations of Phibro Energy till 1991. In 1991 she became the head of the Petrochemicals dept of Phibro Salomon which later became Citigroup. In 1997 Ruth established Kolmar Petrochemicals who became Kolmar Group in 2007, where she has  been acting as CEO and Chairwoman of the Board to-date.



Statements by members of the ZCA board represent the opinion of the ZCA, and are not necessarily in line with the views of the respective employer firms.